Monday, September 24, 2012

iPhone 5’s Innovations That Will Turn Over Android and Windows 8 Smartphones

With people’s unwavering demand for the best smartphone, comparisons are among the best references that they can go to. But before the launch of Apple’s iPhone 5, they can only have the Android or Windows 8 smartphones in comparisons which makes it somewhat incomplete, thus, leaving them still clueless on which flagship smartphone to get.

However, now that the iPhone 5 has already been unveiled by its own maker which is none other than Apple, people can have a more realistic comparison on the best iOS, Android, or Windows 8 smartphone in the market. And in judging these comparisons, they will most likely find out that iPhone 5 has breakthrough innovations that can turn over Android and Windows 8 smartphones, even those that are deemed as flagship phones by its manufacturer.

These features are what people can get exclusively with the iPhone 5, which can also make them decide to get the said iOS smartphone instead of its fierce competitors:

·         Thinner body and lighter weight – While the trend in smartphone dimensions today will show humongous units where users will have to use both hands in navigating some functions, iPhones has maintained its dimension which is ideal for conveniently performing its different functions with just one hand. While the earlier iPhones already have this characteristic, Apple even improved iPhone 5’s convenience and portability by making it 18% thinner and 20% lighter. Although it has to increase its dimension due to its increase in diagonal screen size from 3.5 inches to 4 inches, it wouldn’t have any bearing to the phone’s portability since the increase will be lengthwise.

·         Built-in panorama mode in the rear camera – During travels, nature trippings, or hanging out with a large group, no one would want to miss the whole view when taking images. Smartphones these days have an average of 8mp for the rear camera but what makes the iPhone 5 better than the others is the panorama mode feature where the user can take wide photos without missing any important spot. Other improvements to the iPhone 5’s rear camera are the low-light performance and shutter speed.

·         iPhone 5’s smarter voice assistant, Siri – Apple is the forerunner when it comes to the voice assistant feature in smartphones but Samsung is catching up with its own voice assistant dubbed as the S Voice. Both of them can perform a lot of the same tricks but S Voice is still falling behind Siri in some voice commands. 

·         iPhone 5’s Passbook feature – Finally, consumers can have a more convenient way of organizing their passes, store cards, coupons and gift cards. This is with iPhone 5’s Passbook which is a software based application that will function with a high speed internetconnection. Although Android phones will be getting the Google Wallet for the Android counterpart, they may be limited by Google Wallet’s dependence on the NFC technology to make it work. Google Wallet may work efficiently, accurately and even securely but considering that the equipment capable of conducting Google Wallet’s transactions are not yet common even among major merchants, Android users may have difficulty in taking advantage of Google Wallet’s convenience. 

Final Words
While the iPhone 5 exclusive features will give consumers good reasons to shift to iOS, particularly to iPhone 5, Apple’s latest smartphone is certainly packed with amazing features that are standard among the leading smartphones such as an improved A6 chip processor, updated iOS 6, enhanced WiFi, 8mp rear camera, 4G LTE, vibrant Retina display with 326 ppi pixel density, simultaneous image capture and HD video recording for the rear camera, etc.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

iPhone 5 - Hands On!

iPhone 5 is finally on select people’s hands, and – similar to how its predecessors crushed its competition on launch date – the newest smartphone from Apple is doing the same to its rivals. Majority of the rumors about the product have been proven true, and the most widely discussed among them have been listed below.

Bigger screen, but it’s longer and lighter, too!

The iPhone 5 is a mass of contradictions – but in the best way possible. Back in 2010, Steve Jobs said that “No one wanting a big phone”. At first glance, the iPhone 5 may seem to be going against what Apple’s legendary previous CEO said but actually it’s not. It is longer, but that’s to accommodate its larger 4-inch screen display. However, Apple has also made sure that the iPhone 5 is able to maintain the same width as before, thus ensuring a still-perfect fit for your hands. Moreover, the iPhone 5 is 20% lighter than its predecessor. How that came to be with its greater length boggles the mind, doesn’t it? But that’s not something you should really spend too much time thinking about, not when the iPhone 5 has so many more exciting things to offer.

Still elegant and sleek as ever 

The iPhone 5 boasts of slight but significant changes to its look and feel, this time sporting a brushed aluminum texture for its bezel and rear plate. This change in texture makes the iPhone 5 feel more secure in your grasp and won’t feel too slippery the way metallic bodies of Nokia’s Lumia 900 do. Ditto for the plasticky texture of Samsung’s Galaxy S3.

Quicker to respond

Apple proudly describes the iPhone 5 as having the “most advanced display” in the world, but that’s not the only thing that makes this smartphone fast. There’s also its A6 processor, whose performance you’ll likely appreciate once you have enough time to fully explore the phone’s features and compare it to how the iPhone 4S performs.

A two-in-one hit with the iOS 6

The debut of the iOS 6 preceded the launch of the iPhone 5, but the official release of the mobile operating system was delayed to coincide with the first batch of shipment for the iPhone 5. As such, with the iPhone 5 you get to be the first one to enjoy the much-awaited features of the iOS 6 as well. These include but are not limited to new pre-loaded applications like Apple’s proprietary Maps and a highly integrated Facebook application. Siri has also enjoyed a remarkable upgrade and can now type your Facebook wall messages and tweets. Her assistance is also no longer limited to English, German, and French, with her arsenal of languages expanded to include the likes of Korean, Japanese, and Spanish.

As fast as LTE can go

Lastly, Apple’s iPhone 5 may now be powered by LTE speed – may being the operational word, of course. Although LTE access has considerably improved over the years, most carriers are still busy building their LTE networks to perfection. If you are still waiting LTE to be available in your area, not to worry because the same connectivity options from iPhones are still present. You can simply connect with your wireless broadband service and your iPhone 5 can take you anywhere you want to go online.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Top 5 Must-Have Gadgets

Top 5 Must-Have Gadgets

What are the most essential gadgets available at the moment? Most people now have at least one or two of items like smartphones, a tablet computer or high quality headphones. Other items like laptops have become so common that it’s probably not fair to include them on this list. Smartphones, GPS and Sat Navs, headphones, Kindles and tablets arguably now represent essential devices for communication, travel, and consuming entertainment on the go. As more people switch to cloud based entertainment, and use 4G mobile phone connections over the next few years, all of these devices are likely to continue to increase in popularity. The individual merits of these gadgets include:

1 - Smartphones

It’s difficult not to imagine having a smartphone once you have one. The main strength of smartphones is their ability to combine a range of different functions under one device, whether that means taking photographs, browsing the Internet, playing with apps, or making phone calls. Whether you’re an Apple or an Android fan, or someone that only the basic features on their phone, smartphones provide extensive ways to stay at the cutting edge of communication.

2 - GPS and Sat Navs

Now long established as part of everyday driving, GPS and satellite navigation hardware and apps have become an essential aid to those without the best sense of direction, and an easy way to concentrate on the road for all drivers. A GPS route means that you can plan out the best time for long drives, while being able to get yourself out of a difficult spot if you have become lost. Moreover, when configured to work with or through smartphones, GPS and sat navs can provide information on traffic and local businesses.

3 - High Quality Headphones

A high quality pair of noise cancelling headphones has become important for ensuring that you enjoy your entertainment or communications device. As well as blocking out passive noise, headphones can provide a level of sound quality that matches up to the increasingly stronger signals provided by smartphones and other devices. Noise cancelling headphones are also ideal for long flights and train journeys, and now tend to be highly comfortable to wear.

4 - Kindle
The Amazon Kindle offers the benefit of being able to store and read hundreds of books on one device. Doing so cuts down on book storage, making the Kindle particularly ideal for holidays or long journeys where space is an issue. Having a Kindle can also mean that you can get through more books through instant downloading, while allowing you to save up multiple free books for a comprehensive library. More recent innovations like the Kindle Fire similarly provide a gadget that offers tablet compatibility with the basic reading function of the device.

5 - Tablets

Tablet computers represent a great way to consume entertainment beyond a laptop, PC or home entertainment centre. HD screens, Internet connections, and gameplay means that you can carry out multiple functions on a single device, while synchronising with other gadgets. While the iPad remains the market leader, cheaper options like the Google Nexus offer comparable quality in terms of playback, power, apps and games.

Author Bio: Liam Ohm is a regular blogger on sites to do with anything in the electronics industry. He highly recommends Rapid Electronics for a wide range of electrical supplies for the workplace, schools and at home.

Advantages of All-In-One desktops over Laptops

The advent of laptops was seen by many as killing off the all-in-one computers known as desktop PCs, but the reality is very different.
Buying an all-in-one PC offers many advantages, especially when it comes to families. Laptops are by their very nature portable, and this means it can be hard for parents to monitor their usage.

An all-in-one PC on the other hand takes some effort tomove, which means grown-ups can be sure where it is, who's using it and what they're using it for.
All-in-one computers are also an excellent choice for the budget conscious consumer. Just a quick look at an electrical distributor’s site like will tell you all you need to know about pricing.
A laptop with an Intel Core i7 processer running at 2GHz, 4GB of RAM and a 500 GB hard drive will set you back nearly £2,000.
But for just £600 you can get an all-in-one PC with an Intel Core i7 processer running at 3.4GHz, 12GB of RAM and a massive 2TB hard drive. Even when you factor in the cost of a display for your all-in-one PC, which might even be a touchscreen, another advantage over laptops, that's still a significant saving and you're getting more powerful machine. All-in-one PCs also have another huge advantage for the consumer on a budget, they can be repaired and upgraded much more easily than a
laptop. In fact, when it's time to upgrade a laptop, it's usually time to buy a completely new one.
With all-in-one PCs, components can be replaced individually and with a little technical know how you can even do it yourself, saving even more cash.
So next time someone tells you the all-in-one computer is dead, ask them how much they paid for their laptop, then explain to them how you got a better PC for less."

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Omini5Kombat Theme For Symbian Phones

Have you ever wanted the silky theme that would go well with your S60 mobile phone, that theme that would make your friends envy your phone and probably think that you are a genius to lay your hands on such a theme, here's your chance to get that theme that will get your neighbours talking for as long as you leave it active. Its a theme customized by a very good friend of mine(Dmedalion) for our loyal readers.
Among the features are

1. Remodified Network Bar Design
2. Customized menu
3. Customized Music Player

Here are screenshots




Active Background


 Music Player

Download Theme



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